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This  website has served its purpose.

Margaret is a cuddly toy cow ,who is loved and cherished by my granddaughter, Anoushka- not yet 3 years old and a stranger to her surviving grandfather who has spent too much of her life tilting at the windmill they called Cattles.

Lucy is another, who is lost, and is going to a similar home when she is found.


All with a sense of humour failure need not bother to trawl for hidden meanings but just go to Smolenky’s on the Strand next Sunday for your kids meal.


To all who have contributed and supported my thanks.


The journey has been long and hard but, at the end of the day, small shareholders have prevailed so, Peter and Joe- your day was not wasted in TUC House- you sparked a quiet revolution and thank you for your encouragement.


Everybody who supported played their own role- large, physical or small.


There are no names but we go from Arthur to Zenenous: I treasure what we have achieved TOGETHER!


Thank you all



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